Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Welcome back slacker (I'm humming the Welcome back Kotter theme in my head now)

Well now, thank you Hilts for the kick up the ass that I surely required. Here it is July, and no blogging since March. What a bad new-tech librarian! Lots has been on my plate, avid readers (ahem) so please excuse my hitness. Here's the first thing that's really taken up the brain-space: we've bought a house. Yes, a house, really and truly, freestanding and everything. It's three bedroom, built in 1930, and is a bit of a fixer-upper. We got it tres cheap and move in within the month. So, my head has kind of been spinning and I've been spending more than enough time attempting to dot the i's and cross the t's. I am dreaming about the business related to this house, I kid you not. I wake up from dreams about unexpected bills from the conveyancer (that was this morning's magical dream experience). So, please forgive moi: the next few months will see me morph from a new librarian into a new librarian who paints and sands in her spare time. Maybe I'll put a pic up as things move along for you all to gag to.

On the library front: I'm off probation! This is very exciting for me, as we were getting home loan approval around the same time as my permanency was being processed, and you know my antsy, angsty self was just itching to get that final confirmation of full employment so that, you know, the mortgage can get paid and all. My lovely fella is working too but I just wanted that security. And now I've got it.

Alrighty, it is so time for dinner ... what is it, like 7.30 pm? I can't stand it! Put some toast in the toaster already!


Hilts said...

8 July, 2007 article in NYT about hipster librarians. Canna link it, but y can search for it y'self. Pretty funny article.

Amber said...

Two great links for you miss:

An article about hip librarians in the NY times:

And photos of pimped up library carts:

(Both from Craftzine today)

Don't seem to have your email address so have posted here instead!

Hope yr well!

xx Amber

Chelle said...

Ah, Hilts and Amber: clearly, great minds think alike! x